What is internal security academy?

The Internal Security Academy or IDA is an association formed by several institutions (Ministry of the Interior, State Police College, Rīga Stradiņš University and the University of Latvia) to achieve a common goal - by pooling resources, to prepare highly qualified specialists for work in Latvian law enforcement institutions.

It is a format of cooperation between universities, sharing the resources and academic staff of three institutions, but not creating a new legal entity - a university.

The study process is implemented both at the University of Latvia, Riga Stradiņš University, and also at the State Police College, jointly using the study infrastructure of all the mentioned partners and involving the resources of the academic staff of higher education institutions.


By combining the resources of the Ministry of the Interior, the State Police College, the University of Latvia and Riga Stradiņš University, prepare highly qualified specialists to work in Latvian law enforcement institutions.


High-quality education for the preparation of new specialists and raising the professionalism of those working in law enforcement institutions.


The consortium's brand values not only reflect the IDA brand, but also include the values of the consortium's institutions. Honor, patriotism and loyalty, responsibility to oneself and society, professionalism.


E scientIa Securitas

From Latin - security provided by knowledge (from knowledge - security). The device directly supports the basic essence of IDA's mission - to strengthen the internal security of the Latvian state by preparing professional employees of the internal affairs system with appropriate high-level knowledge.

The governing bodies of the Internal Security Academy are:

The Strategic Supervisory Board is a collegial higher decision-making body whose competence is to ensure the sustainable development, strategic and financial supervision of the Consortium.

The council consists of twelve council members who represent the Ministry of the Interior, the University of Latvia, Riga Stradiņš University, the State Police College, the Ministry of Education and Science, the State Police, the General Prosecutor's Office and the State Revenue Service.

Study Program Council - a collegial executive body in matters of development, implementation and improvement of study programs, ensuring internal quality control of studies and coordinating the study process.

The Council includes representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and representatives of the general and academic staff of Higher Education Institutions, as well as (after the start of the consortium's study programs) - one student from each Higher Education Institution of the consortium.